Saturday, 28 May 2011

Enzo Anselmo Ferrari

Enzo Anselmo Ferrari (Modena, Italy, February 18, 1898 - Maranello, August 14, 1988) was the founder of Scuderia Ferrari and the Ferrari car factory.

He developed a passion for sports car with only ten years, when he visited the racetrack in Bologna. Enzo Ferrari worked as a mechanic until the beginning of the first world war, when he entered the Contruzioni Mecaniche Ntional, as a pilot of 21 years testes.Aos tried to work at Fiat, but was refused. Shortly thereafter he joined the Alfa Romeo, but this time as pilot. Created the Scuderia Ferrari in 1925, in Modena, but during World War II was forced to transfer the car factory to Maranello, eighteen miles from Modena. After the Second World War, Ferrari has won two world titles in 1952 and 1953. Enzo Ferrari died in Modena aged 90, having achieved 19 victories at Le Mans and nine titles in Formula 1.


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